Make Sure Your Lakewood Bail Bonds Company Is Licensed

When some people think of a bail bonds company, they may picture Dog the Bounty Hunter, and other assorted people running through back yards trying to catch the bad guys. Even though this may happen at times, the truth is, Lakewood Bail Bonds is a little more focused on helping clients avoid situations like this.

Lakewood Bail Bonds is a professional bail bonds company, who provides experienced bail bond agents, dedicated to serving people in need. Our company’s highest priority is to deliver unequaled services in the bail bonds industry. Our company is now the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California due to its own innovative services to assist those in need.

What some people may not realize about the bail bonds industry is, anyone negotiating bail, is required to be licensed by the California State Department of Insurance (DOI). Lakewood Bail Bonds is fully licensed, qualified, and experienced in all facets of bail bond law. It is highly advised to check a bail bonds company our before using them, to make sure they are licensed and operating within the law.

All bail bonds companies require a fee for their services. This is not refundable. Fees are also regulated by the Government, and are usually 10% of the total amount of bail. For example, if the judge has set bail at $10,000, the bail bond fee will be $1,000. This is always required up front, however, unlike some bail bond companies, Lakewood Bail Bonds can, and do work in with our clients financially, and can even offer a no money down for those who qualify. However, payment arrangements still need to be made for the fee, inline with the DOI rulings, so never trust a company that is offering free, or low interest fees.

When a bail bonds firm is offering 2%, or 5% bail bonds, this is a lure to get people through the door. Selling cheap or discount bail bonds is highly illegal, and firms doing so, should be avoided like the plague. If they are prepared to break the law just to lure in clients, then they obviously don’t have their clients best interests at heart. It is not illegal however, to offer lower percentage bail bonds as a down payment, a payment plan for the balance of the 10% is still required. It is very important to understand this.

It is also very important to remember that the fee you pay the our company, or any other firm, is not refundable. Like any other service, fees are to cover their work, regardless of the end results. Similar to your auto insurance company, they do not refund your premium if you don’t get into any accidents, a bail bonds company can not refund the upfront fee, if the defendant goes to court, if the charges are dropped, or if their case is dismissed. If a bail bonds company promises a refund, then they are operating outside the law.

Lakewood Bail Bonds will never lead clients astray, make false promises, or give false hope. Every client will know upfront what they are dealing with, what the cost is, how this can be paid, as well as be made to understand their own responsibilities of bail bonds. This attention to detail, and ensuring clients are aware of every single process, is what makes this particular company stand out from the rest.

In the event you, a loved one, or even a friend has been arrested, and is in need of the best bail bond assistance, call us immediately on (562) 684-3406. We are available to help you at any hour over a 24/7 basis. Our website also contains a wealth of valuable information.