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Lakewood Bail Bonds

Lakewood Bail Bonds, are well known to be a very considerate, as well as experienced bail bonds company, who only employs the highest quality agents. We are particularly aware of the impact that having a family member, or friend in custody, can have on your family, their career, and individual lives as a whole. We also understand that this can be a very disturbing event for all those involved.  When in this situation, you really need to have a compassionate agent to lead you through the entire process, and arrange for the release of the defendant.

This kind of situation, is never usually something people are prepared for, so, can often be confused as to what to do, and who to turn to for assistance.  Many people see the experience as being shameful, and even irritating. Typically, the bail process can also end up being expensive, which can put a huge strain on funds. Lakewood Bail Bonds is one specific company, fully equipped to be of assistance to people during this time, so, as a result, we offer our services over a twenty four hour, seven day time frame. We really are your complete bail bonds group.

Information You Will Need To Have

Bail Bonds for DWITo make certain that Lakewood Bail Bonds is able to commence the process quickly,  there’s a small amount of information you shall require to hand over: The official name of the arrested person, and in addition exactly where the arrest happened. This information allows our service to ascertain the cause of the arrest, and how much the bail will be. You’re going to at that point, need to fill out the bail bond application. An agent will then “post” the bond after the bail bond legal paper work has been completed. It won’t be long after this process that this member of the family, or friend will be released on bail.  The defendant needs to understand, that one of the conditions to their release, is that they must appear at every one of their obligated court dates. 

Why Choose Lakewood Bail Bonds?

The positive feedback we have received from clients, is proof of just how hard we strive to provide the highest quality services.  Many clients are surprised to receive such excellent assistance, and professionalism from a bail bond agency.  Our aim is to always give our customers the best possible assistance, and help to make this challenging situation, a little easier to cope with.  Every one of our agents are fully licensed, trained, and utterly professional.  Every and every client is accommodated according to their individual situation, and we will always extend and exhibit the highest possible standard of customer service, expertise, and professionalism.

We fully understand the predicament you are in, as well as the stress you are most likely experiencing, so we are very pleased have found us!  We are anything but your typical bail bond firm.  We will honestly do everything within our power to assist you through this difficult time.  You may be wondering how on earth you will get through this, rest assured that you will, and our job is to help you do it!

There is no need to worry about your finances either, we will work in with clients to ensure the financial strain is never too great.  The majority of our bonds are approved with no collateral at all, so, we can help you despite your financial situation.  All you need to do is contact us.

Lakewood Bail Bonds has developed  a fabulous reputation of excellence in California.  From  the very beginning, we have progressed into one of the most trusted, and respected bail bond companies in the entire state of California.

bail bonds agentLakewood Bail Bonds is aware that time is of the essence in these situations, and it is for that very reason, we serve the community on a 24/7 basis.  It doesn’t matter what time you need us, we are available to help you, and even come to you if needed.  You will only ever deal with a fully licensed, professional bail agent, as well as experienced, and highly trained company staff and forfeiture team.  There is no bail too big, or too small for us.

We also educate and assist clients with the entire legal process, as well as provide bail bonds.  With help at the bail review hearing, right up to professional legal services from top quality attorneys in the local area, and throughout the state of California.

Due to our knowledge, experience, and valuable resources, we can constantly deliver unequaled services, and achieve the very best results for our clients.



About Us

Lakewood Bail Bonds is a totally licensed bail bond company that employs highly professional agents in the Southern California region. Our pride is in our professionalism and integrity. Our top priority is to deliver complete customer service to all our clients. We realize there are an abundance of bail bond providers from which you can choose, so we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to prove why we are the #1 bail bond company.


Just 23 miles out of Los Angeles, Lakewood, California was incorporate din 1954. The current population sites near 80,000, and Lakewood continues to grow due to its abundant commercial and retail jobs. Lakewood is a fun and family friendly community where parents can be confident about raising their children in an enriching environment.

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